Vehicle Brake Service and Repair in Kitchener Waterloo

Antilock brake systems (ABS) are an important safety feature that has become standard on most of today's automobiles. ABS consists of two subsystems:

  • All the parts of conventional brake system; pads shoes rotors and so on
  • The ABS controller (computer), its associated sensors (inputs) actuators (outputs), wiring and connectors.

The computer receives input signal from the wheel sensors which monitors the speed of each wheel, then compares it with others wheels. If the comparison indicates wheel lockup, the computer sends commands to the valves and others actuators to raise or lower the hydraulic pressure to that wheel to prevent skid. All of this goes unnoticed by the driver unless a component fault is detected by the computer and the BRAKE or the ABS light comes on.

Do not find out that you need brakes by accident. Brake system service has been our specialty... We carry a wide range of brake parts from high end to economy in order to fit every budget. At AutoSmarto the choice is always yours. Make sure that your brakes are inspected on regular basis. We at AutoSmarto do it for you free of charge.

  • Check brake fluid level every 20,000 km/ 12 months
  • Change brake fluid every 50,000 km to 70,000 km
  • Check pad, shoes, drums and rotors every 20,000 km

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