Rust Proofing in Kitchener Waterloo

Our extreme temperatures definitely cause havoc with metal. In addition, salt on the roads as well as the road conditions could all lead to your vehicle showing signs of aging, rust, which will undermine the structural integrity and negatively affect the appearance of your vehicle and overall reduce its value.

To protect your vehicle, stop by AutoSmarto and have your vehicle rust proof with one of our two popular packages:

Oil-Based Rust Proofing:

A unique oil-based formula used for annual rust proofing applications. This dripless rustproofing is a uniquely formulated product that prevents rust and corrosion from attacking the undercarriage of your vehicle. It has state-of-the-art rust inhibitors that also work to protect the vehicle from the elements, as well as road salt, sand and other contaminants. Overall this product protects the vehicle by displacing moisture, and by coating the surface with highly effective corrosion inhibitors.

  • Not classified as toxic or flammable
  • Base ingredients are highly refined mineral oils
  • Does not contain heavy metals
  • Easy to apply
  • Unique no-drip formula
  • Incredible capillary action to penetrate seams, pinch-welds and hard to reach inner cavities
  • Minimal overspray
  • Non-offensive odour

Come see us at AutoSmarto to get your vehicle rust proof!

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